Bold Science – Big Vision

Through our Enhanced Design and Combine (EDC) platform we are pioneering a new category of “Bright Peak Immunocytokines” that simultaneously leverages the precision of antibody targeting with cytokine-mediated selective immune modulation in the desired microenvironment.

Bright Peak uses a novel ligation technology to chemically synthesize therapeutic cytokines by ligating together customized peptide segments. This proprietary platform developed by the Bode research group at ETH Zürich provides unique flexibility to both tune and enhance cytokine biology through affinity modification and orthogonal, site-specific conjugation.

Bright Peak is also uniquely positioned to utilize our enhanced cytokines as payloads to antibodies, creating novel “Bright Peak Immunocytokines”. We are leveraging a proprietary site-specific bioconjugation technology that allows any therapeutic antibody – at any stage of development – to be conjugated to our cytokine payloads of choice, without the need for antibody engineering or cell line development. These Immunocytokines will enable tissue- and cell-specific targeting of the cytokine payload with the added potential for synergistic efficacy through potency-enhancing avidity effects.

Bright Peak cytokines:

Optimized affinity & selectivity


Enhanced therapeutic utility through site-specific chemical conjugation


Best-in-Class Single Agents

Enhanced PK
Differentiated profile


Immunocytokines –
A New Class of Biological Therapies

ADC technology with cytokine payloads
Tissue/Tumor targeting for synergistic efficacy
Customization of mAb-cytokine pairing


Duokines –
The New Cytokine Frontier

Cytokine-cytokine conjugation
creates novel biology

Key Attributes to our Platform

  • Ability to design enhanced natural cytokines with improved biological properties
  • Enabled by chemical synthesis and KAHA ligation technology
  • Site-specific modification provides full control of cytokine characteristics
  • Technology allows for conjugation handle at any position
  • Pioneering of “Bright Peak Immunocytokines” – leverages the precision of antibody targeting with cytokine-mediated selectiveimmune modulation in the desired microenvironment
  • Novel Intellectual Property space